Why Have Canvas Prints Become So Popular?

There’s no denying that canvas prints have become incredibly popular over recent years, with enhancements in materials and technology significantly improving their visual appeal. Canvas prints enable people to personalize their spaces and add abundances of color and character to them. They can also lend your personal images an authentic, museum-like feel but are also great for displaying abstract art and classic paintings.

An outstanding finish

The advancements in today’s UK printing technologies have helped to raise the caliber of canvas prints, providing a more detailed finish and delivering more vibrant coloring. Many people choose canvas prints over traditional photographs in order to avoid the glare that comes with the latter. When the canvas is stretched over its wooden frame, a smooth, professional appearance results, whether you are showcasing iconic paintings, family photographs, drawings or landscape photography.

Affordable museum-style printing

There are many companies on the market today offering outstanding canvas printing services. It’s also possible to have old photos and retouched to remove blemishes and other undesirable features before they are committed to canvas. There are many popular themes to choose from, including word art, nature, family photos, hobbies and interests, film and TV, music and many more. You are only restricted by your own imagination when it comes to choosing images to send to canvas.

A long-lasting option

The high quality of the materials used to create canvas, which are typically cotton and polyester, mean that you can easily purchase wall art that will look great for years to come. Some people do choose to add outer frames to their canvases, though going frame-less is typically the most popular option due to the way that the artwork seems to seamlessly blend into the rest of your wall. Another great reason for going without an outer frame is that you won’t need to spend time and money on sourcing a frame that will match your existing décor.

Selecting your image

It is important to choose your image carefully as you will be seeing it on a daily basis. You may even wish to draw up a shortlist of images and pick your favorite, or you could even create a collage of similarly-themed images that compliment one another wonderfully. Some people choose to create collages that mix special photographs with meaningful words, messages and dates. Modern canvases are highly-resistant to sunlight and other elements, which means they can maintain their appearance for many years.

Canvases in offices

The lack of gloss sheen on canvases makes it easy to focus on and admire your images without becoming distracted. In fact, canvas prints have become an increasingly common sight in professional environments such as offices for this reason. In fact, some canvas paintings have stood in museums and galleries for hundreds of years without losing their visual appeal. The three-dimensional nature of canvas prints also makes them stand out from the wall, giving them extra visual power.

Transforming your space

Inkjet printers have played a big role in the popularization of canvas printing, making prints more colorful, sharp and vibrant. Many of us would like to purchase original classic paintings for our home but lack the finances to do. Canvas printing can be the ideal solution for people wishing to add authentic-looking reproductions of classic pieces by the likes of Picasso and Michelangelo to their spaces. An outstanding canvas print can completely change the character of a space, changing an environment previously regarded as cold and uninviting into a warm, colorful and welcoming area. This is perhaps one reason why canvas prints have become such a common sight in commercial environments as well as domestic spaces.

Canvas prints in the workplace

Many employers have invested in wall art such as canvas prints to create a better impression to customers and clients, boost workplace morale, communicate their values more effectively and breathe energy to spaces previously lacking in character and ambiance. Canvas printing has played a big role in transforming indoor and outdoor environments, making us feel better and acting as a valuable source of inspiration and warmth. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have more to spend, purchasing a canvas print could be one of the best artistic decisions that you ever make.


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