Old Is Gold-Planer Machine


A planer machine is a tool incorporating the use of motion that is linear relative between the piece being worked on and the single point cutting tool to cut the piece.The workpiece in the planer machine is usually in motion.


This planing idea was conceived in the1750’s.In the late 1810’s it was implemented by pioneers namely: James Fox, Mathew Murray, Joseph Clement, George Rennie and Richard Roberts.

Types of Planers


They are the most powerful but they require that the work-piece be portable.They have the capability of handling the largest boards.


They are powered by electricity from the battery or the power plug.They are very efficient though expensive.The electric cord complicates the usage mechanism of this planer and the battery can run out without one’s knowledge, therefore, being an inconvenience.


They are user-friendly in terms of price, comfortability, and ease of use.The exertion of physical energy is a necessary and sufficient requirement in controlling this planer.


They are two-in-one in that we have the planer and the joiner part which allows a board to be fed through the machine to streamline the process of cutting boards.


They incorporate both a planer and a sander where the sander is responsible for smoothing out the board perfectly.A lot of voltage is used accompanied by the generation of tremendous power.

Applications of a planer machine

1)Linear planning

In this case, we can use a planer to generate a flat surface which is accurate for instance on a construction site which is uneven this tool can come in handy.It can also work on features that cannot be milled or bored for example holes with irregular shapes in tight corners.Not forgetting the ability to slot-cut.

2)Helical planing

We can accomplish helical cutting by ensuring the table”s linear motion is coupled to a simultaneous rotation.

Configurations and sizes

We have planers of two types of metals: open-side and double-housing.Double-housing one is supported vertically on both sides along its long bed while the open-sided one is supported vertically only on one side.They vary in sizes from table size of 31”*73” to 21”*63″ and the weight approximately 21,000lbs to 1000000 lbs.


I recommend the use of planers in all settings but especially where abnormally large blocks need to be worked on.They are not only cheaper compared to other tools but also efficient in their working and can guarantee one full satisfaction.These tools should be embraced although as old as they are their work is still tremendous and all we need is nothing but efficiency and excellence.It’s time to embrace our old which is gold.


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