A lot of reason exists why people make renovations.  These reasons differ from one individual to other. Renovating is just something you easily meddle into, it is expensive, complicated and time-consuming. So, you must be sure to make proper planning for starting one.

Renovations are acting I believe the house will find it fascinating. This makes old houses appear new and alive, which makes imperative to keep your house style and design up to date. A lot of factors contribute to the need for house needing renovations: fire damage, cracks, holes, bad walls, termite damage, water damage and a whole lot more.

However, there are house owners who consider renovating because they want to make their homes feel safer and ideal for the seniors.

Having seniors can be really fun, as they tell stories to kids, watch them when you are not around and many more. So, it’s only right to watch over them and make the home safe.

Seniors have had their youthful days and now are weak. They might find some of these physical activities which we do easily like climbing up and down the stairs really challenging.
In this article, I will be discussing real methods to make the home perfect for both elderly people and still retaining its radiant looks.

Widely your doorways

Seniors are known to make use of mobility devices like wheelchairs and many other, which are really difficult to get in especially when your doorway is very narrower than 32 inches. If you have a narrower door you can call a contractor to have it all fixed.

How is this fixed: it isn’t always a difficult job like that, your contractor have to remove your narrower doorposts and fix a new frame. Based on the design of your home, it might require him to add insulation, drywall and paint it all over again. Most times, you’re a light electrical job is always done – relocating and rewiring your light switches close to the former doorposts.

Install lever-style doorknobs

Changing your doorknobs is really important. Although doorknobs are fashionable they also serve a purpose – grip. Using the wrong doorknob might make an opening door for elderly individuals challenging. So, changing all round doorknobs to levers are better, as they do not slip when trying to make a difficult twist (for seniors) and require only a little effort to open.

The right doorknob can really be imperative especially if you have a senior with conditions like arthritis that makes them act slow. The doorknobs like lever can easily be picked up in any improvement stores at an affordable price.

 Replacing the round doorknobs with lever doorknobs is quite easy if you can do it yourself and if not you can easily contact a technician or someone nearby to do that.

Put grab bars in bathrooms

In the bathrooms, the tubs, shower stalls, and floors are slippery and can cause a lot of damage. So mounting heavy bars in the toilet really helped give the senior individuals a chance of standing strong.

These bars are not very expensive can be found in many home improvement stores, although, they are can easily be installed by professionals.

Replace the flooring with slip-resistant material

Using the right flooring matters, if you don’t want to see your seniors fall. Using the right materials that help the elders stand firm without you worrying about them falling. Materials Vinyl and Linoleum offer you with the more adhesive force between the feet and the floor, making it a little bit impossible for seniors to fall.

You can also make use of either bamboo or cork for your floor choice, they are very popular and costly.

Note, you may find this costly and may not be ready for that big budget right way. But at least try to have any of the damaged areas on the floor, uneven tiles, or any defects that exist on the floor.

 Doing this will at least people of ages from slipping.

Add a Wheelchair Ramp

Although there might be no one with an urgent need for mobility device like the wheelchair. But having a ramp around can help avoid the need for a wheelchair, people of all ages can easily and efficiently climb the stairs and get into your lovely home. Building a ramp is worth its cost.

Check for stairs lift sales and install.

Adjust Kitchen countertops

Sometimes seniors love to do one or two things in the home, some see it as a form of exercise. One of the things they find interesting is cooking themselves. This might seem impossible for an elderly person making use of a mobility device like wheelchair or scooter to reach the countertops. In most homes, this is usually located 34 inches high from the floor level. At this height, it might be impossible for a senior to reach. So it’s advisable to reduce these countertops height to about 30 inches.

The cost of installing cabinets and readjusting the countertops will depend on the size of your kitchen and the design.

Install a chair lift or elevator

 If you live in a home where there are multiple levels, it is imperative that you have an elevator or makes a chair lift which is usually attached to the stairs to help seniors transits between your multiple floors.

Paying for aging-in-place home renovations

When it comes to renovating your house, most if not all will be paid by you. Although if any equipment or device are installed in your home, the cost is usually settled by either a Medicare or any private insurance, for any other renovations you are paying for that yourself.

Furthermore, there are certainly limited home improvements grant available for aged individuals. But these grants are only available based on their income and where they reside.

My verdict

Seniors are old, weak and not as active as they use to be before. They require us to help them make life comfortable by making it all convenient. You need to make use everything is safe and most importantly not slick but tractive.


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