Curtain Buying Guide – Learn About The Different Types Of Curtain

Curtain headings are a great way to reduce the overall width of the fabric of the curtain. There are different types of curtains headings available on the market that offers distinct features to a room. Selection of the right one requires in-depth knowledge about these types.

Rod Pocket

In this design, there is a pocket stitched across the upper end of the curtain sheet. It is through this pocket that the entire curtain rod is injected. Rod pocket curtain heading is 3 inches in size and is included in the overall length of the curtain. If you are planning to consider it for your house, then two times curtain fabric is advisable for providing fullness.

Pencil Pleat

Pencil pleat is another common yet elegant style of curtain heading that renders a casual and a simplistic look to a room. This heading is most suitable on fabrics of Paneeliverhot that are not very thick. Commonly available pleat headings are 3 inches in depth and give 2.5 times fullness.

Versatile Pleat

As the name suggests the design and fabric of this curtain heading make them so convenient and versatile. They can be used in any type of window in a house. In this heading, a curtain tape is stitched on the above portion of the curtain panel.

The hooks of the curtain are also stuck to the curtain tape to create plenty of headings you want. Detaching the hooks from the curtain can give you new headings. Commonly, a versatile pleat heading can easily provide you a minimum of five major headings to use in your house.

Tab Top

In a tabletop curtain heading, the upper surface of the curtain has a row of fabric loops that are required to be hung to the curtain rod at fixed sections of the curtain fabric. A table top heading looks like a modern, less formal and relaxed heading.

Table tab is generally two inches in width and four inches in length. They are included in the length of the curtain length. Two times of curtain fabric is advised to gain fullness. There are several different types of home furnishing stores present online. Avaeksperdid – Kaihtimet ja Verhot is one of the most renowned names among all of them. Their fresh design, durable quality and affordable price are sure to win the hearts of people.

Hidden Tab Top

This curtain is also popularly called as a concealed table top or a back top. It is similar to a table top in the way it is hung to the rod of the curtain. The only difference is both types is that in concealed tab tops the loops are not at all visible.

This helps in absorbing more amount of light and offering increased heat insulation. Here the tabs measure two inches in width and four inches in length. This area is included in the curtain length itself.

Learning about your house requirements and the type of curtains headings available on the market would help you choose the right one for your needs.

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