Tile Your Shower

If you plan to renovate your bathroom, using tiles to create shower surfaces and the surrounds of the bath is a very good idea. This is not just because tiles come in very different models and types with different colors as well, but also because they are very easy to clean, they are not so expensive to install and you can do it by yourself. Tiles come in very different types and models, but the most usual are ceramic, porcelain and glass. They are all about budget but when you choose the one for your shower, you can choose no other than glazed ones because it is the only way to ensure proper water proofing and the ones that will last the most.

The opposite comes for the floor near your shower, the best option are rough ones. This is because when you get out of the shower you are wet and prone to slip and have accidents if you are stepping on glazed tiles. To prevent doing so, use rough and sanded tiles instead, this advice may save your life or the life of somebody you love.

The design of the tiles you are going to use for the shower area may not look so important because after all will be covered with a shower curtain or with your enclosure, but you are going to see it every day and still many people may look at it, even more if you plan to sell that house some day so, don’t let this area down and choose a good design that matches to the rest of your bathroom. Depending on what do you plan to do in your bathroom you can use the same tiles you used for the rest of the bathroom but, if you don’t have them because you didn’t keep some of them when you made it or if you want to have a different touch, you can use a matching one instead of the same one. The most used are solid tiles or tiles with a very simple pattern, and they really fit with the window blinds.

Intricate patterns are fine most part of the time but bear in mind the size of your shower before buying it. Showers aren’t really big so, If you choose a difficult pattern may not look good if you can’t repeat it a lot of times as you would in a regular sized wall. Patterns look cool when they are repeated and you aren’t likely to repeat them a lot there so, choose small patterns.

Also, if you want to save headaches, bigger tiles require less maintenance than small ones so, if you don’t plan to maintain your shower area a lot, better go for big tiles. They need less grout and you will need to work less when you install, when you maintain and when you remove them. And, of course, remember the smaller the tiles, the more you will have to clean the spaces between tile and tile so, it is all up to you.


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