Smart Lighting Control Systems – Boon to both humans and environment

In the 21 century, if there is one word which has changed the outlook of the way people perceive things, it is automation. It wasn’t long before that automation stepped out of vehicles and handheld devices, and forayed into our homes, more specifically our lights. Electricity is easily the most valuable resource today because everything runs on it, or depends on some other device that runs on it. Thus, Smart Lighting Control Systems were born, to provide the people with a sense of superiority and provide the World, with that bit of extra energy.

Controls and Working

Smart Lighting Control Systems control lightings based on the following parameters:

  • Chronological time
  • Sunset and Sunrise
  • Presence of people and the number of people present
  • Availability of natural lights
  • User set conditions
  • Machine learning induced combination of parameters

They control the lightings via:

  • Relays
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Photo cells
  • Physical light switches
  • Touch screen gateway


  • Customized lighting screens – The user gains access to all of their lights via a single touch screen interface or a mobile controlled app, and thus they can use these controls to initialize various combinations and implement mood lighting as well.
  • Energy efficient – The most obvious advantage of Smart Lighting Control Systems over conventional lighting systems is the amount of energy they conserve due to minimal involvement of humans and optimum times of switching on and off.
  • Reduced costs – The increased number of wireless devices involved in these systems reduce the installation and maintenance cost to a bare minimum; and with their energy efficiency, they reduce the long-term costs even more.
  • Saves effort – Humans are getting lazier by the minute, and thus an automated system of lights which requires minimal effort tooperate and which can be operated from anywhere, is their childhood dream come true.


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