flood damage restoration in Toronto

Services Offered by a Flood Damage Restoration Specialist in Toronto

Being the victim of a flood is a devastating experience.  It is also one that more people than ever before are falling victim to.  The reason for this can be contributed to the diverse and extreme weather systems which the world is now experiencing.  Violent storms and prolonged wet weather can cause serious problems in any city or town.  It can also breach your normally effective flood defences.  Once the water has found its way into your home or business it will keep coming and you will quickly see the level rise.

The most important thing at this stage is to shut the power off to the affected rooms and remove all items of sentimental value.  This makes the job of a professional firm, like Lemarg Inc; much easier as they will not spend time searching for your treasured possessions.  They can concentrate on the clean up.

Services Provided by Flood Damage Restoration Specialist in Toronto 

There are several key stages to flood damage restoration in Toronto; or anywhere in the world.  Before anything can happen you will, of course, need to call the firm and ask for their assistance.  It is advisable to have contacted your insurance company as they may refer you to a specific specialist.  In many cases these professional firms will not be able to attend until after the weather has improved.  You may find the water is removed from your property by the fire department or you could use the services of a flood damage restoration business in Toronto.

This can be referred to as stage on – removing the water.  These firms will have industrial pumps which can quickly pump the water away from your property.

Stage 2 – Extraction

Removing the water is relatively easy.  Once this has been done the firm will be able to access your property and start removing the soaking wet flooring products and your furniture.  You may wish to assist them in order to discuss which items may be saved.  Much will depend upon the type of construction.

Stage 3 – Drying

This is the most important part of any clean-up operation.  If you do not dry the property properly you will start to experience mould once the furnishings have been put back into place.  A firm specializing in flood damage restoration in Toronto will have industrial drying equipment.  This is a combination of huge cold air blowing machines and dehumidifiers.  The key is to remove every trace of moisture from the area.  This can be confirmed via handheld moisture testing equipment.  This part of the process can be time consuming but you will be able to liaise with your insurance company regarding the finishing of the damaged area.

Stage 4 – Repair

Once all the water and moisture has been removed you will be ready to redecorate your property.  This is a stage which is often overlooked but can be just as time consuming as drying it.  It can be difficult to locate all the furnishings you wish to replace but this is also an opportunity to change the décor; within your budget and prepare for future flood possibilities.


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