Safety and Rules That Are in Effect in Your Backyard and Swimming Pool Will Save Lives

As an owner of a swimming pool, you are responsible for safety of the people enjoying your backyard and pool. You must have rules in place to aid in keeping every adult and child at your home to be safe around the pool and area of the patio. Guidelines are clear for behavior and activities in the backyard and pool.Communicating rule expectation and what conduct is and isn’t acceptable will do a lot to promoting pool safety.


With rules as your goal, here are some safety rules for anyone using your patio and pool area. Copies of these rules need to be provided as a printable flier and needs to be posted on every gateway to your pool. Plus, you personally need to make sure that these fliers are read or explain to children.

Everyone knows the rules

You need to teach your children to follow the backyard rules for pool safety and any friends need to follow the rules as well as all adults. If children are in the pool, an adult should be in the backyard watching them.

Keeping children safe

A backyard pool is where families need to play and cool off from the hot summer. But, they are also places that are dangerous and can turn deadly quickly. Each summer, pool accidents claim the lives of hundreds of children. Every pool owner needs to be aware of things that must be done to make sure of the safety of children, theirs and the neighbors. Pool safety needs to include:

  • Pool covers
  • Fencing
  • Drains
  • Pool safety alarms
  • Proper use and storage of pool chemicals

Safety Fence

Blue Haven Pools advises that a swimming pool needs to have a safety fence around the area. This is one that has gates that are self-closing and self-latching is essential. This is a fence with the gate that swings shut and latches securely. This type of latch stops the gate from being left opened. Install the latch up high where children can’t reach it.


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