Quilt cover is not just a cover anymore

People who love to decorate their homes always think that quilt cover is not something that you take lightly. The quilt is such a thing that everyone uses in their home, and it is a necessity. Since people use their quilt all over the year, it is very much necessary to wash the quilt regularly. Washing the quilt is not an easy task so the best thing that could be done is buy a cover for the quilt which could be easily removed. Since the cover of the quilt is easily removed washing, it is not a hassle anymore.

Planning of re-decorating your bedroom and making it look pretty without investing a lot of money on home decor then get yourself a nice doona cover super king today and it will make your bedroom look so much different. If you want your room to look different makes some minor changes to make it look different, and one of the things surely will be a quilt cover. Finding a quilt cover could be a tough job. Getting the exact size and choosing from all the color options without compromising the quality is very challenging.

Why is the exclusive Manchester Collection recommended for everyone?

If you are looking for a very fresh and unique cover to make your bedroom look nice, then super king size quilt covers Australia is the quilt cover for you. The cover brings out a fresh vibe, and the colors give out a positive vibe in the bedroom. There are a lot of color options which people can choose from. The quilt cover from the Manchester Collection brings out the minimalistic approach to the bedroom and makes the bedroom very much cozy. The main theme of the duvet cover super king is just three stripes stitched around the edges giving it a very casual and elegant look.

The fabric of the quilt cover from Manchester Collection is very premium, and surely it will impress you. The soft nature of the cover will help you sleep at night better and make you feel cozy. The fabric is made of high-grade cotton, and it feels very smooth and soft to use. Spend some money on matching the pillowcases with the quilt cover, and you will get a good look for your bedroom. There is a huge range of pillow covers here which could be matched with the quilt cover giving them a complete look.

Sizes available right now

  • Single Quilt Cover: 140 cm x 210 cm
  • Double Quilt Cover: 180 cm x 210 cm
  • Queen Quilt Cover: 210 cm x 210 cm
  • King Quilt Cover: 245 cm x 210 cm
  • Super King Quilt Cover: 270 cm x 240 cm
  • Standard Pillowcase: 48 cm x 74 cm
  • European Pillowcase: 65 cm x 65 cm

How to take care of the quilt cover?

  • You should wash before the first use
  • Wash the white parts of the quilt cover separately from the colorful parts
  • The cover should be washed with hot water, and use of liquid detergent is highly recommended.
  • Do not soak the quilt cover for a long period.
  • Do not bleach the quilt cover
  • Line dry the quilt covers on low level
  • The quilt cover can be ironed only at the reversible size
  • This quilt cover should never be dry cleaned

The super king doona cover is one of the most selling items of the Manchester Collection and is recommended for anyone who owns a super king size bed. Doona covers super king is one of the most comfortable quilt covers which will help you to re-decorate your room exactly like you want to give your bedroom a touch of classiness.


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