Flat Roofing Repair

Options When Considering a Flat Roofing Repair?

Whether you have a small section of flat roofing or your whole house is finished with a flat roof, there will come a time when you need to consider the best option for a flat roofing repair.  It is important to assess the choices and decide which options suits you best as the average flat roof is made of materials which will only last approximately ten years.

It is possible to undertake a flat roofing repair yourself; however, a professional firm will have a vast amount of experience and knowledge regarding the best materials currently on the market and the best fitting techniques.  At the very least you should contact King Koating Roofing to find out what services they offer.  You may be surprised at the service they can offer and the price of a flat roofing repair.  The fact is that your flat roof will need repairing and even replacing at some point; it is not made to last forever.

There are a variety of materials which can be used when replacing a flat roof or even performing a flat roof repair:


This is the most frequently used product on flat roofs; it is made entirely from recycled materials, yet is surprisingly cheap to purchase.  It will last longer than many other flat roofing options and can be installed quickly and easily.  It is an excellent choice for roofing repair jobs as well as complete roof replacements.


This is an option which is often not considered by people but can be a very practical solution.  Of course you will need a good layer of sound insulation on the inside to reduce the noise of rain landing on the metal sheet.  Metal is a good choice as it lasts roughly thirty-five years and can easily be cut to fir the contour of any building.  The downside is that once the roof starts to disintegrate the whole thing will quickly follow suit.

Hot Tar

This system is generally used by the professional firms and not something that an amateur would attempt to do.  It involves mixing hot tar with gravel and applying it directly to the roof.  You will need to observe safety precautions when dealing with hot tar.

This method is generally considered to be one of the cheapest and the finished substance is fire retardant.  However, this material is fairly heavy once installed and you may need to reinforce the roof before you can apply it.

Spray On

You may be surprised to know that there are an array of spray on materials which can be used on your flat roofing repair.  The sprays are silicone, aluminum or acrylic.  They will be dispersed as a liquid directly onto the flat roof area and, once cured, becomes a seamless roof structure.  This makes it very difficult for any water to seep in!  There are advantages and disadvantages to all three types of spray on coating, the decision as to which is best for your project will depend upon what your existing structure is and what effect you wish to achieve.


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