Nine Bathroom Design Mistakes To Never Make

Considering redecorating the bathrooms in your home? Then you may need a bit of help with getting inspired. Hopefully, you will find the following tips to be of use in determining what shouldn’t be done in your new bathroom design.

  1. Hanging your mirror any ole where: You may feel your creative juices flowing as you’re redesigning your restroom, but if you let it go too far and in the wrong places, you could end up with a poor outcome. For instance, hanging your bathroom mirror in an odd place, such as behind a toilet or pedestal sink would be awkward. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid hanging mirrors on walls with plumbing behind them.
  2. Playing peek-a-boo with the toilet: It’s a good idea to have your toilet seat placed in a portion of your bathroom that is not visible from the doorway. This is a good tip if you are constantly being walked in on. By having your toilet hidden from view, you won’t have to worry about being exposed to everyone outside of the open door.
  3. Having electronics in dangerous places: We live in the tech-savvy age, where people can’t live five minutes without having access, not even to take a shower. If you thought of the genius idea of having a television set installed above your shower, then you may want to rethink this. Surely, you’ve seen movies where bad things happen when electronics fall into filled bathtubs and running showers.
  4. Not enough storage space: Your bathroom should be able to store a sufficient amount of towels, linen and personal hygiene products. If your bathroom lacks storage space, you can make up for this by having a portable linen closet or storage cabinet installed.
  5. A non-coordinated design: It’s ideal for you to have the essentials in your bathroom – sink, tub and toilet – but it’s important that you have these properly spaced apart. A bathroom that is overcrowded is uncomfortable.
  6. Glass and mirrors everywhere: If you’re downright infatuated with glass and mirrors for your bathroom design, make sure that you go with tempered glass. This way, if it were to break, no one will get cut from the shards.
  7. Not keeping plumbing accessible: As you are renovating your bathroom, keep in mind the plumbing pipes behind the walls. You should ensure that they are easily accessible without having to rip down wall coverings.
  8. Not enough air: Your bathroom should be equipped with proper ventilation, given all of the moisture that tends to build up there each day. Not having sufficient ventilation can cause mold and mildew problems and could damage the sheetrock.
  9. Not enough lighting: The lighting in your bathroom shouldn’t be too bright or dim. Try having something that is in between. You can have better lighting installed to help illuminate the room. If there are times when you’d like to have a more relaxed atmosphere, you can have a dimmer switch installed on the fixtures.

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