Important Tools Used For Window Cleaning

Window cleaning can be a very tedious and unattractive task due to its manual nature, however thanks to new developments it has become a lot less painful. Clean windows add a touch of class to any room. Windows are used for a variety of purposes, whether it’s lighting, decorative or architectural appeal, they all require regular maintenance for them to remain beautiful. Traditionally, this maintenance was done using soapy water and a rag, though still efficient, other tools have made the job much easier to do.

Traditional Tools Used in Window Cleaning: Rag, bucket, ladder, water and soap

Window cleaning in the past involved the use of a rag, a bucket, and a ladder to reach elevated windows. That era of window cleaning was very labour intensive and sometimes extremely dangerous, depending on the height of the windows being cleaned. Though still effective in getting the job done, it requires a great deal of time to get it done properly. Harder areas of grease and grime are not that easily removed so the process overall becomes unnecessarily time-consuming.

Innovative Tools Used in Window Cleaning Today: Squeegee, vacuum cleaners, extendable mops, and scrapers

Window cleaning has in fact evolved from the household level. This transition has helped to shape this present era of window cleaning, which not only happens on a household level but on a commercial level as well.

Window cleaning has evolved to incorporate the squeegee. It is one of the most effective tools developed for cleaning windows. Once the surface of the window has been dampened with a detergent or soapy solution the squeegee then works to remove the mixture of dirt and soap water leaving the windows sparkling like brand new.

The window cleaning process also includes vacuum cleaners and has also been used to make the cleaning process much more pleasant. Window surfaces can be now be prepped by first using a vacuum to capture any excessive dust before the actual cleaning starts. This cuts down the overall window cleaning time!

Window cleaning has also improved with the introduction of extendable mop sticks. This innovation has made elevated windows much more accessible. A ladder is still employed in the process, however, depending on how far the stick extends it might not be necessary. The overall experience with this tool is then much safer than it was before with a regular mop or a rag.

Window cleaners are often seen using scrapers, so they must be added to the list of tools that have made window cleaning much easier. Scrapers work hard on tough spots that would require more pressure if only a rag was being used to lift the dirt. This tool is strong enough to remove areas of grime that have hardened on the surface of windows while gentle enough to refrain from damaging the window when used correctly.

Window cleaning has definitely been made easier and much more fun with these additions, thanks to technological advancements! Squeaky clean windows will definitely requires these tools during the cleaning process.


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