How you can tie your Draperies or Window Hangings? – Know All the Types

The window hangings play a major role in enhancing the appearance of our property. The hangings not only protect our property from intense sunlight, it also adds elegance in the property. There are various kinds of hangings available in the market. While some customers may prefer wooden blinds because they are cheap yet useful, many others will prefer Kardinad because they look elegant and there is a wide variety to choose from. In order to keep the draperies or the hangings in place, one can use the tie backs which can hold the hangings in order to allow sunlight to enter the room.

However, there are various factors as well as tips to keep in mind whenever you plan to buy tie backs. These days, one can even purchase different kinds of tie backs from the online stores. However, one has to be extremely careful when selecting the product because many websites can even sell you fake products.

It is always advisable to seek the guidance of an expert when buying the tie backs. The expert tips can also be obtained from the internet where there are various informative articles and blogs. In this article, we shall talk about the tips and tricks to keep in mind when buying the window hangings and their types.

Learn about the different types of drapery tie backs

Whenever a customer looks for tie backs, he/she is most likely to get confused between the wide varieties available to them. Here are some of the kinds of tie backs which one can buy –

  • Fabricated tie backs – if you are looking for something simple yet reliable then the fabric tie backs are the one for you. This is because, such tie backs can hold your hangings back and they even look great. A fabric tie back is basically a band of different shapes which is tied back to a fixture installed in the wall. The band can be of the same cloth as the drapery.
  • Rope tie back – in this, the person will have to knot the tie backs over the hangings to secure them in place. These tie backs are not reliable because they can slip from their place if they are not secured properly.
  • Beaded ones – the beaded tiebacks are unique as well as elegant. They can hold your hangings in place, but they are not reliable because they are fragile.

Know all the tips and tricks for buying a new tie back

There are various factors to consider whenever buying a new tie back. Some of them have been discussed below –

  • The styles – there are various kinds of styles of tie backs available in the market. These include, straight, contoured, plain and standard. One can choose according to their liking.
  • Shape and the size – it is essential to buy a tie back which can secure the draperies in place properly without having to adjust them every now and then. For this, finding the best size and shape is essential.
  • Placing them – experts have advised that people must place the fixture for their tie backs at least 94 cms above the ground level.

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