How to Install Room Ceiling Fans without hassle

Have you bought a room ceiling fan and are afraid you can not mount it? Do not worry. Ceiling fans have an easy fit system and do not take too much time to install them. But the most important thing is to follow the enclosed instructions or preferably you can contact Needham electric services to help install it for you.

To install the ceiling fan, you will need a screwdriver, flat screwdriver, pliers, combined pliers, ladder or stepladder, and the parts that are included in the package.

To avoid possible electrical shock during installation, switch off the electrical current- you must switch off the circuit breakers corresponding to the relevant wall-mounted switchgear. All conductors must comply with state electrical equipment standards. If you do not have the experience of wiring, you should contact a qualified electrician.

Do not carry the ceiling fan behind the wires or attempt to change the angle of the blades, as this may damage the fan and cause an injury.

The edge of the blades should be at least 60 cm away from the wall and not less than 2.3 m above the floor to avoid injury.

Instructions for Installing a Room Ceiling Fan

Installation of the Suspension Bracket

Attach the suspension bracket to the ceiling distribution box with the supplied screws and washers. Make sure that the suspension bracket is in the plane, if not, try to straighten it with the pad to make the blades of the ceiling fan at the end of the assembly with a right angle to the ceiling.

Mounting With A Handle

If your room ceiling fan has a handle – the connecting rod, dismantle it, pull the cables through the rod and finally attach the handle to the rosette and the motor.

Install Blades

Once the engine is attached to the rosette, install the blade screws on the motor with the blades. Tighten all bolts securely so that the blades do not spill and do not cause unwanted noise. If your ceiling fan has a light, screw in a bulb (usually not included in the package) and attach the windscreen

Wire Connection And Subsequent Fastening

Connect the four poles of the wires in the distribution box, align the cables in the suspension bracket and the rosette, and then attach them firmly to the suspension bracket using the screws. Always make sure that the individual wires are plugged in correctly! Finally, check that you have tightened all bolts.

Then you can turn on the power and try a room fan that has several speeds. If your fan has a reversing function, remember always to change the direction of rotation of the fan blades until it stops completely.

Important Tips To Conclude

The room ceiling fan needs to be cleaned from time to time (just twice a year). Using a dry cloth, wipe off the dust and clean the cover glass from the light. The internal components of the fan do not need cleaning; the motor is well lubricated.

  • When installing the installer, use only the components supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Always make sure that the individual wires are properly
  • Always make sure you tighten all the screws firmly and firmly. Otherwise, your room ceiling fan will sound and tremble, and it may cause unnecessary injury if it relaxes.



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