How to determine the solution of various skylight issues

A skylight always allows your room to get filled with light. When you do not like to use the traditional windows, you want to choose this option. However, if the system is defective or if it has become deteriorated because of ageing, you have to call professionals for replacing or repairing it.

Issues related to your skylight

Leakage is usually the common issue that you may find in your skylight. The potential reasons behind this leakage are-

  • Improper installation of skylight
  • Worn-out sealing of the glass

Though there is warranty at the time of installing a skylight, it may last for almost ten to twenty years.

In many cases, your skylight structure remains intact, and the only problem occurs in it is leakage. To solve this, you have to consider two major things-

  • Flashing- Check the flashing, adjacent to the skylight. The source of the problem may not be your skylight but your flashing.
  • Condensation- This is also another factor to make out if the dripping water on your floor comes from the accumulated steam on your skylight.

The experts for roofing canton Michigan will be able to make out the cause of your issue and repair it immediately.

Time for replacing your skylight system


When you plan for re-roofing the house, you can replace the skylights also. The process of re-roofing may cause a disturbance to the existing skylight structure and its adjacent areaSo, to avoid the potential leakage problem, you can choose the option of replacement.

Many people also want the replacement in order to have an improved energy efficient system. To pick the right skylight, you have to consult the professionals. Tubular skylight has a reflective coating of the interior space, and it is smaller, in compared to the standard ones. For hallways, closets or some other places, you can install this system. There are many other modern models that fit well to the look of your house.

Ageing of the system

While the skylight system is almost twelve to fifteen years old, it may cause leakage several times. That is why replacement is the most acceptable and affordable option. If you like to repair it, then you may need to do it a number of times. And the level of cost will also get increased. You can speak to your expert roofers in order to install a new skylight.


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