Great Granite: Using All White to Create Amazing Kitchen

Granite countertops are among the most sought after for home kitchens because of their stylish appearance, their durability against the regular wear and tear of such a busy room, and many more benefits – and one great way to show them off is matching white countertops with other white decor.

White is an incredibly popular color scheme for kitchens because the bright, inviting color makes any room appear larger, which can be a huge benefit if the home has a relatively small kitchen. It’s a versatile enough color that it can match with a good range of hues for fixtures and fittings, and a common sense reason is that it’s easy to see spills, stains and other messes that need cleaning.

After deciding to go for an overall white look in the kitchen, many homeowners choose granite countertops because the natural stone is more resistant to acids and other harmful liquids than alternatives such as marble.

Granite countertops are also easy to clean with soap and warm water. And while they require sealing on installation to protect against moisture damage, granite countertops don’t need to be re-sealed as other less resilient materials on the market.

Combining the great overall look of a white kitchen with the beauty of granite countertops is a great idea, and below are some examples of good ways designers can best use this perfect match of material and color.

For example, try using a cream white granite with streaks of gray and flecks of brown, which will match flawlessly with bright white-colored wooden cabinets.

Or use a granite countertop dominated by white and gray but with small flecks of brown and black for an elegant look that will pair well with white fixtures and stainless steel appliances.

Yet another way to combine a white decor with granite is to use countertops that have a primary white color but with shades of gray and smaller markings in black and silver. For a kitchen design project on an even grander scale, it’s also possible to use this style for granite flooring tiles.

A more striking countertop appearance can be achieved using white granite with prominent gray streaks. This exciting style looks great not only on countertops but also for tiling walls in the kitchen, and despite the more dramatic appearance, it’ll still match with many fixtures and fittings.

Alternatively, consider using white granite countertops with streaks of silver and eye-catching specks of red as the design of choice. This wonderful design will improve the look of any kitchen, whether it’s for a large countertop, covering part of a wall, or some other feature like an “island ” which is the stand-alone unit in some kitchens used for food preparation or for dining.

Above are just five ways to match white granite countertops with kitchen fixtures and fittings of the same or similar color in order to create an amazing, welcoming room. But the options don’t end there, and with a little bit of imagination several wonderful looks are possible.


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