Factors Affecting Basement Finishing Cost

Factors Affecting Basement Finishing Cost

Basement finishing is a must have for everyone but at times the cost of the service could lock you out if you get entangled with an overcharging contractor. On average the price could range from $ 10,000 if you do it yourself and $35,000 if you hire a qualified contractor. The cost of basement finishing is dependent on a number of factors which include:

Square feet of the basement floor

The average basement floor is between 800 and 1000 square feet and the cost is wholly dependent on it. The basement floor portrays the actual size of the general basement. In the renovation, everything is charged per square feet and it affects all the other costs such as the finishing from both the frames and walls.


The cost of labor is charged per person as well as the working hours they had used to accomplish the work. Depending on your area of residence, the cost will always vary. If you are in the big city expect to pay more than that person who lives miles away from the town. To save on costs, you may decide to do it yourself instead of hiring professional renovators, but the risk is you may end up messing on the aesthetic value.

Bathroom or no bathroom

If you are thinking of installing a full built-in bathroom for your basement, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets because it will be quite costly. Bathrooms also vary in the material they are made with. When you decide to go for granite counter tops and tiled floors, just know the charges are higher but the outcome can be extremely appealing.

Floor type

Whichever flooring type you opt for, it will be a determinant of the overall cost because the price of the materials differs. Engineered wood, simulated wood laminate, and carpeting flooring options could prove to be expensive but quality assuring. In case you need a cheaper alternative you can go for the popular concrete floor to save some few bucks.

Installation of an escape hatch

An escape hatch is quite vital in providing an escape route when there is an emergency in the basement and house in general. Your pet can also access entry into the basement from your backyard in case the front door is not accessible. When you think of an escape hatch for your basement, an extensive work will be carried out which includes reconstructing a wall where the hatch will be put up. Escape hatch generally adds up to the cost of the basement finishing.

If you are working on a slim budget, you may need to save up using the following techniques:

Do the painting yourself– the cost of labor will not surface in the overall cost. You can buy tools to assist in uniform painting and also watch tutorials to paint like a pro.

Be your own contractor- In as much as DIYs are discouraged, at times having no money can necessitate. Plan on your schedule and work on it during weekends when you are free.

Purchase re-conditioned tools– If you use powered tools, they will do the job efficiently.

Basement finish cost should not really be the major issue as the quality of work done is what will display the overall value of your home even in days to come.


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