Maintaining a rain gutter run and repairs is quite expensive if you are hoping to use professional help. But it is well worth it. On the flip side, if you are aiming to do it yourself, be sure to be prepared for the herculean task ahead. But thank goodness you no longer have to worry about the question of what to do; with the help of this article, you will be able to do it yourself without issues, just do well to follow the tips I give you properly.

In making a gutter installation, maintenance or repairs, is more important to plan before starting the process itself, in other to avoid the shortage of materials, tools, and workforce.

The various parts that make up a gutter run should be carefully studied and their different uses thoroughly understood in order not to misplace a hanger for an end cap.

For example;

Drop outlet; is a part of the gutter that is responsible for the removal of water from the gutter to the pipe, and make sure it doesn’t become clogged for any reason whatever; otherwise, it will lead to spillage.

End cap; is a part of the gutter that shields the channel from heavy flow of water leaving the drop outlet

Leaf screen; is an optional component of a gutter system that protects the drain from accumulating falling leaves and debris into the system

Corner mitres; are different edges that keep the gutter from not leaking; there are inside and outside corners.

Seams; are connectors that seal the roof with the gutter to avoid spillage

Hangers; are connectors that hold the gutter together with the ceiling for it not to fall off.

Aside from measuring the total length of the gutter run, you will need to decide if you would require a DIY kit or you would rather buy the necessary components in a piecemeal.


They are drain pipes, hangers, corners, end caps, connectors or screws, etc.

The measurement of where to place every necessary part is critical, if you are going make it work and it should be spelled out early in either the kit or on your own.

  • For instance, hangers should always be 2 feet of the gutter; you will need them again till every 35 feet of the channel has beenattached with a hanger, in order to give it a firm grip, etc.
  • Ensure that every slope is taking into cognizance in the planning, if it is to administer a 1/4 slope every ten feet, such must be maintained until it gets to the dropout.
  • Install the dropout in every corner you might feel requires a dropoutbefore placing the hangers. Put the hooks exactly as the sliding chalk line drawn before the work began, and be sure to caulk the seams and corners after placing the gutters in areas that might not need a dropout.
  • Attach the gutter to the hangers after carefully making sure no part is exposed to avoid any form of damages in future.
  • Make sure the drain pipes are properly attached to the gutter, and they are both properly sealed to avoid leakages.

In maintaining the gutter, the right gutter jacket should always check for any clue of clogs or debris hoping to destroy the gutter or pipe.

A leaf screen can be placed on top of the gutter to shield it from falling leaves.

  • Do a deep cleaning of your gutter twice a year making sure you remove debris, clogs that might form an obstruction to the flow of water in the gutter.
  • Remove leaves that have stayed for too long or over grown outside their boundary to the gutter, especially when you don’t use a sheet screen.
  • Caulk the seams that look like falling from the park, in order to make sure the length of the pipe is with unbroken seams.
  • Check corner mitres as they constantly change as the force of the rain increases. If anyone is lapping, make sure they are correctly set back in place and sealed if possible to avoid them falling off.
  • Check out the drainage where the water from your gutter runs to, and if it is a public channel, make sure the blockage of the free flow of water is not on your part.

It is good to be innovative and do this installation, maintenance, and repairs yourself. However, in rain gutter installation, maintenance, and repair, it is also necessary to seek professional advice from experts.




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