Comfy Single and 4ft Divan Beds

It never fails to surprise me how much items kids gather in such a short space of time. My hubby has a ruling that nothing new comes into the house until something old goes out. While this sounds like a great ruling to have, it is one that I find hard to make the kids stick to. I cannot bear to watch them decide which toys to keep and on birthdays and Christmas, throwing toys out because of this rule seems uneconomical. The only solution that was left to me, was to do a bedroom makeover.

We started looking at beds together to get an image of what is available. There really is a fantastic range available these days I never knew choosing a bed would be so difficult to do. All the styles and designs can totally alter a kid’s bedroom. Very different from what I knew when I was growing up. Some of the quality 4ft divan beds also offer great storage solutions, handy for kids that have amassed a wide range of toys.

I wanted to buy a single divan bed with storage drawers still the kids wanted bunk beds. I take my role as a mother importantly and this includes considering the safety aspect of bunk beds. The stories I heard include heads getting stuck or children falling from the top bunk. Thankfully the kids asked me to read a document on a site which explained how health and safety now plays a vast role in the making of bunk beds.

Some of the things we learned were the significance of proper-fitting mattresses and normal maintenance checks to ensure everything is tight and secure. If you purchase bunk beds, that are properly made, then it should have safety guards on both sides. Don’t think that you can just push the bed up against the wall as it can still create a gap for the kids to fall between.

 I was starting to feel better about purchasing the kids bunk beds even though my heart was set on a divan bed. I was not optimistic about a moveable ladder and so looked for a set with static steps. One of the best-looking bunk beds I saw, had a set of steps with a hand rail included. The under-stairs area provided extra storage space – very shrewd. Several bunks also had helpful drawer space underneath which would be ideal for storing clothes, sheets or toys.

For most accidents recorded nowadays are caused by horseplay or slap-happy behaviour rather than unforeseen accidents, the children were warned about behaving cautiously when using the bunks. Several bunks can be taken apart and used as single beds and the warning that this would happen to their prized bed had a very sobering effect.

So, it was decided that the two older kids were going to have bunk beds, that just left my only daughter to sort out. Of course, she wanted bunks in her room too, but she is far too young still. We compromised rather with a girlie divan bed. There were lots of advantages to this design including the fact that there was store space and a fold down table at the end.

Suddenly our home no longer feels too small for us. The kids’ rooms are so much easier to keep tidy now with all the additional storage we have acquired. They also have a much bigger floor area for their all-important games and play.


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