Best and easy hacks to clean your oven

It is often been noticed that many people struggle a lot in order to clean their ovens. What they fail to realize is that if, they if they would have cleaned their oven regularly then they wouldn’t have to face such problems. For those who are looking for ideas onhow to clean oven glass, can go through these simple and easy hacks that are given below.

How to clean your oven glass?

All you have to do is follow the hacks given below:

  1. Pumice stone and water: Pumice stone including plain water is known to work like a charm. They do not emit any fumes and also doesn’t leave out any residue.
  1. Bathroom cleaner: Foam bathroom cleaner is yet another thing that you can use in order to clean your oven glass. Even foam bathroom cleaner works as a great cleaning agent and it doesn’t even produce any fumes. All you have to do is spray it on the oven glass and let it soak for a few hours before wiping it off.
  1. Ammonia and garbage gas: Throw any metal rack in the black garbage bag which contains water and ammonia. Set the same in the sun for around an hour. After keeping it in the sun for around an hour or so we need to open the bag and then spray them off. This will leave them shiny and clean.
  1. Boiling water: bringing in a pot of water which is large in size to a rolling boil and then placing it in the oven. This needs to steam for around an hour and then needs to be wiped clean. It will start working like a champ.


  1. Baking soda, liquid dish soap,and vinegar: Using baking soda and dish soap which is liquid in form and making a paste out of it. Thinning it with water as is required. Using a sponge or a rag so as to apply the paste over the oven. Mixing water and vinegar in equal parts into the spray bottle. Afterward spraying it all over the paste and then allowing it to sit for around 10 minutes. Using paper towels or rags so as to wipe it away. Continue spraying of plain water or even vinegar water until getting all the paste cleared.

Just follow these simple hacks and you can get a clean and sparkly looking oven easily.


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