Are You Interested to Do Any DIY Project Within a Day? Here are Some Ideas

Power drill is a very useful tool in any household and with the help of this tool you can carry out a number of DIY projects. All that you need is few drill sets of different sizes with you and also little skill of handling this tool, which is not at all difficult for an average person. Following are few examples of various DIY projects that you can complete within a day by using this drilling machine.

  1. Make a wood Doormat

You can easily make a wood doormat by using your drill machine, if you are good in handling it. All that you will need is a long 1×3 portion of trim. Just cut it off to one-foot size. Now take your drill machine and make two holes in each side of the above piece. However, before drilling holes, you need to mark the location by taking the measurement with any scale so that holes are spaced evenly and in the same position of the pieces. After drilling hole take a piece of heavy rope through the hole and tie off its ends. In case, you are interested to stain the wood piece you can apply it before the assembly.

  1. Make new cabinets

You can transform the room appearance by using new set of stock cabinets. Also, it is possible to install such types of cabinets simply by using a simple screw driver and a drill bit. First create a pilot hole by using your drill so that you can fit screws on those locations. Now install the cabinets in the desire location by screwing it on the hole created by the drill.

In case, you need row of cabinets to be installed then sharpen the bits if it is getting dull instead of buying a new one. Therefore, by using just one drill bit you can complete your whole project. While installing each of your cabinet, make sure that that they are supported with ledger, which is running along the wall by keeping at a height of 54 inches.

  1. Coat rack

If you are little creative then another small project you can easily create by taking help of Nutty DIY and also by using your drill machine. Get few lumbers from any hardware store and cut it to proper size before the assembly. Now install hooks at equal distance by using your drill.

  1. Candle holders

Take any piece of wood and drill hole of appropriate size on this piece of wood where you want to fit your candles. You can either take small or large piece of wood so that you can fix few candles. You may also give good finish by painting it.

  1. Remodel your kitchen

You can also replace the existing cabinet to give new look to your kitchen. Remove the old hardware and replace the new knobs by drilling the required size of holes. In case, you need to create any additional hole then you may create the drill to fix your new knob.



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