7 Tips on How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Sanitised

The bathroom is used for daily hygiene routine which is why you need to regularly clean it to maintain its sanitation. However, a lot of people find it difficult to clean and sterilise their bathroom due to a busy schedule or the lack of knowledge on how to do so.

An unhygienic bathroom is not only dirt to look at but can also harbour a lot of germs which can cause sickness to you and your family. Here are tips on how you can keep your bathroom sanitised and clean-cut.

  1. Secure a trash bin

Mess there, mess everywhere! Don’t make it a habit to leave any trash whenever you leave your bathroom. Secure a trash bin for your pieces of wastes and dispose of them when needed. Don’t let your trash bin overflowing with rubbish and throw it away outside the home if it’s starting to get full. Also, be sure not to throw wet wipes, napkins and other types of garbage in your toilet since this will cause clogs. You can throw toilet paper but be sure not to throw too much of it.

  1. Replace bathroom mats and rugs

Bathroom mats and rugs get always wet which can be a problem as these items can become a breeding ground for fungi such as moulds and mildew. This is why you should always check and replace them when it’s been used for too long. Dry the mats and rugs after using the bath to avoid moisture from building up.

  1. Clean toilet bowl seats

Make it a habit to clean toilet bowl seats after use. This is easier than waiting for a long time to wash and sanitise a toilet bowl that is already stained with hard water, dirt and grime.

  1. Post reminders

Sometimes you can easily forget your cleaning routine and you may need some reminders. For your bathroom to maintain its cleanliness, post reminders. You can write your reminders on sticky notes and place them on the bathroom cabinet or anywhere in the area where it’s easy to see.

  1. Clean grouts and stains

Don’t leave any grouts and stains in your bathroom unattended. Clean it using a paste of baking soda and water then brush it after a few minutes. If you do not clean them, it will create moulds and produce an unsightly yellowish colour.

  1. Create order in the cabinets

Organise your bathroom stuff like soaps, shampoos and other accessories in the cabinet. This will make your hygienic supplies more organised and easier to navigate through.

  1. Bathroom fresheners

 It is so bothersome to use the bathroom with a foul odour. To stop this dilemma, provide an air freshener inside your bathroom. There are instances when the drains have a foul odour; you can use bleach or other strong chemical cleaners to get rid of it. If you want to use a more natural alternative solution, you can mix lemon extracts, baking soda and vinegar. Not only will this mixture make you drain smell good but also remove clogs and other debris found on the drain line.

Here you can check what are the major advantages of cleaning your drains regularly.


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