6 Tips For Successful Househunting

Searching for a new home can be both an exciting and stressful time. There are bound to be many late nights spent contemplating your options, and moments when it feels like you may not find the property you’ve been dreaming of. Rest assured – the house for you is out there, you just need to search for it in the right way. Getting the process of househunting right will take the stress out of the property purchase, and allow you to have fun during this exciting stage of your life.

  1. Look at as many properties are you can handle. Some people get lucky and stumble across their ideal home at their first open house. For most of us, a little more looking is essential. Take a look at display homes upper point cook and around the whole region, and visit as many open houses as you have time for. Once you’ve visited a house that you really feel good about, make sure you go in for a second visit to look more carefully and check for any potential flaws.
  2. Make a list of your wants and needs. When you make your list of the factors you need from your future home, divide the list into necessities and which aspects of the property you’d like to have but don’t necessarily need. Bring your list along with you to every property viewing and check off the points that are covered. If the property has only the things you need but none of the points that you want, it may not be the one for you.
  3. Consider location carefully. Location is definitely one of the most important factors in your househunting expedition. Where you want to live will depend on your own lifestyle, whether you have children, and how concerned you are about safety. Do plenty of property research about the area in question and take a drive to check out the location thoroughly before settling on a property. Once you’ve narrowed your location down, it’ll be far easier to make a list of properties to view.
  4. Take plenty of pictures. The photos supplied by estate agents are inevitably going to be flattering, so take your own pictures at each viewing so that you can remember the property exactly as it is. This will also make it easier to narrow down your options when you’ve looked at multiple houses and may not remember all of the details perfectly.
  5. Be clear on your budget. Most househunters know that budget is key, but still enter into the househunting process with a bracket that’s too vague. Have a clear upper limit before you begin any negotiations on a property, and be sure that your budget is set with a realistic mindset.
  6. Explore the area around the property. When you visit a property, don’t limit yourself to the property itself. Take a look around the neighbourhood, chat to your potential new neighbours to ask questions that your agent won’t be able to answer, and try to get a feel for the location. The area surrounding the house itself could be a deciding factor – the property could be perfect, but if the neighbourhood doesn’t suit you, then you’ll want to be sure so that you can move on with your search.


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