5 Ways To Update Your Living Room!

If you are bored with the current theme of your living room, probably it’s time to consider a renovation project. Contrary to popular belief, updating the living space doesn’t have to be expensive, because you don’t need to change all at once. Here are 5 ideas that can transform your living area.

  1. Change the sofas. If you have traditional sofas, you can replace the same with an L shape sofa, also known as a sectional. Sectionals are designed for better functionality, and you can buy a set that comes with additional storage space.
  2. Add an accenting chair. In case you are short on budget, you can consider buying a recliner or chair in a bright shade, such as orange, green, yellow, and red. Accenting elements in the living room can add instant drama.
  3. Paint the central wall. The main wall of the living room that faces the sofa set or seating arrangement can be repainted in a bright and contrasting color. You can use a large mirror on the wall or can even pick an expensive painting. Try a few ghost frames with no pictures for that effective feeling.
  4. Put the coffee table to good use. If you have a lot of selected artifacts, you can place them on the coffee table. However, do avoid clutter, and if the table is too small, get a few wall shelves that are cheap and can be found in many shapes and colors.
  5. Update the upholstery. Short on budget? Well, you can still change the look of the living room by changing the upholstery. Replace the curtains and cushion covers, and if possible, do add a few more colorful cushions in the mix.

One of the other ideas is to use a lot of plants within the living space, which will add more color and charm to most interior themes.


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