4 Steps for Child Pool Safety

Los Angeles pools are specifically aimed at relaxation and luxury and as such, they are built to create fun memories and serve as an exciting place to stay relaxed and distress, however, a swimming pool may pose several dangers especially to children. Children between the ages of 1 and 4 have specifically been reported to be prone to fatal and non-fatal damages in the swimming pool and as such, certain measures should be adopted to mitigate against the safety breach.

For safer pools in Los Angeles, homeowners and swimming pool owners are advised to implement the following safety provision to keep their swimming pool area safe and eliminate possible risks of accident and life-threatening dangers such as fatal injuries or drowning.

Invest in Swim Lessons Early

It is important for persons with Los Angeles pools in homes or outdoor space to invest in swimming lessons delivered by professional instructors. Particularly, children under the age of 12 are to be kept under close supervision by professional instructors when going into the swimming pools.

To avoid possible complications, it is also necessary to obtain a doctor’s approval of child’s safety and ability to take swimming lessons. Children should also be taught vital basics of swimming and water safety, how to float in water and adjust to currents and depths. Overall, it is important for a professional swimming instructor to teach the children how best to breathe properly when swimming to avoid drowning.

Wear Life Vests in The Pools and Pool Area

Irrespective of who is around the pool area, whether guests, family or neighbors, it is important to mandate the use of life vests to reduce the possible incidence of accidents in the swimming pool especially for novice swimmers. Life vests as a safety precaution work to keep a swimmer’s head above water and also to prevent unnecessary accidents which may result in drowning. Parents may need to enforce a strict life jacket rule on children whenever they are accessing the pool facility in the home.

It is important to note that life jackets are more safety inclined compared to inflatable toys as the latter can easily slide off leaving the child defenseless in the water.

Implement Pool Safety Rules

It is important to teach to children and novice swimmers the important pool safety lessons which can help prevent accidents or injury from occurring. Parents may need to create a pool safety board or test of knowledge on pool safety before allowing children access to the swimming pool to minimize the incidence of accidents.

Importantly, parents and guardians should ban the use of swimming pools and its facilities during inclement weather such as ice in the winter or thunderstorms.

Install a Fence around Your Pool

Pool fences are a great way to keep underage children out of the area especially without adult supervision. The Los Angeles pools fences work to help keep children away and an addition of self-locking gates may be an added advantage especially in cases when adults run off without minding the door. Some of the recommended dimensions and precautions to take when installing a swimming pool fence include:

  • The Los Angeles pools fence should be between the height of 4 and 5 feet


  • Swimming pool gates should open away and out of the pool

  • Install self-closing gates


  • Avoid installing foot or handholds on gates to discourage kids from climbing it.


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